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MonSky Creations Art Gallery is located less than an hour from Ottawa, in the beautiful quaint village of Merrickville, Ontario. MonSky Creations exclusively features the work of multi-disciplined MAG artist Monica Viola. Monica is an artist that works in several different mediums. In the gallery you will find Pottery, ceramic art, fused glass and natural handcrafted soaps. All her work is "unique" and "one-of-a-kind". Recently, Monica has been invited to exhibit in the 2017 Florence Biennale. The Florence Biennale, is an international exhibition of contemporary art that happens every two years in Florence, Italy. The exhibition was founded in the early 1990’s and every two years since then, thousands of artists from over 100 countries, have had their work showcased at this extraordinary event. This year’s edition will be exhibiting the work of over 400 artists from over 70 countries. Monica Viola is one of only 9 Canadians tapped for prestigious exhibition in the city of the arts, Florence Italy.

 The 2017 edition Florence Biennale runs from October 6-15 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy. Located in the historical center of Florence, the fortress itself is a Renaissance masterpiece of military architecture that has been the main center for exhibitions in Florence since 1967. A truly inspiring venue, that dates back to the reign of the Medici’s.

As an artist, it will be a truly inspirational and enlightening experience to exhibit in such a historic city amongst some of the world’s finest contemporary artists.

If you want to help and support Monica to take part in the amazing exhibition, she has created a Indiegogo fundraising page. On this site you will find fine examples of her artwork that are available with different levels of contributions. Artworks available range from reproductions, to the actual pieces that will be exhibited at the Florence Biennale.

To contribute, go to Indiegogo and look for

                  Monica Viola - Exhibition in Florence Italy


The following video will give you an idea of the unique artwork from Monica Viola


The website is set up for online shopping. Shipping and taxes where applicable are automatically calculated when added to the shopping cart. Major categories are Pottery, Fused Glass and Handcrafted Soaps. Within those categories are sub categories relating to each medium. There's also a photo gallery which is an archive of Monica's previous works. These works may be gone, but if someone likes something they see, Monica can create something similar.


If you like what you see, or if you want comment on any of the work, please feel free to leave some comments on our contact page or email us at

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